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Whether you’re an individual or a business needing a Physical Exam, Drug Screening or specific vaccinations, The Dawn Center can meet your needs with competent, professional services.  Drug Screens and Vaccinations can be scheduled or just walk in and we'll get you in and out quickly. Physical Exams must be scheduled but many can be done within the same week as the call.  For businesses that would like drug screening completed on 10 or more employees at one time, please call and we schedule a date/time that we can come to your business to provide these services.  This will save you time and money by getting your employees back to work quickly.  Vaccination hours are Monday - Wednesday, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.


Now offering the following Medical Services for Businesses/Organizations/Individuals:
Pre-Employment Physical Exam - $100.00
Pre-Employment/Random Urine Drug Screen - $48.00
Tuberculosis (TB) Test - $30.00
Tetanus Vaccination - $60.00
Hepatitis B Vaccination (series of 3 shots) - $252.00
Mumps, Measles and Rubella (MMR) Vaccination - $90.00
Dept. of Transportation (DOT) Physical Exam - $100.00
Dept of Transportation (DOT) Urine Drug Screen - $55.00
Dept. of Transportation (DOT) Breathalyzer Alcohol Test - $30.00
Dept. of Transportation (DOT) Assessment - $280.00


For more information, call Peppie Jenkins at 803-536-4900, ext. 165 or Mike Dennis at 803-536-4900, ext. 113

Peppie Jenkins
Phlebotomist/Nursing Assistant
Phone Ext. 165

Coordinates all medical services
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